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Check In

Check In

Health Tracking App







Millions of young, independent adults are living with chronic health conditions today in the United States. They have a lot of responsibilities to maintain their health on their own time and are accountable for monitoring their vitals, diets, and health. Having this medical condition can be stressful enough and keeping track of their information can be hard enough.


Check In allows young, independent adults keep health, medical, vital  and fitness information under their control and in one place on their device. They decide what to track and which wearables to connect to Check In and help them learn how to manage their health. It creates dynamic and interactive visualizations to connect the meaning of your health and make managing their lives easier.

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Scattered Records

In notebooks, scrap paper, smartphones, prints, wearables, and memory

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Lack of visual medical apps

Usually for information, fitness, diets, hospitals, 
or specific conditions

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Information Disconnect

Hard to understand from lack of visuals, context, and charts


01 - App Feature

Set & Track Personal Health Info

Your dashboard is tailored to fit your health. Each tile is customizable and moveable to help you keep track of your day to day life.Each tile stats can be changed to a chart or listing with detailed information showed upon selecting.


02 - App Feature

View Dynamic Charts & Timelines

Monitor visualizes your inputs and wearables in dynamic charts and comparative lists. Wearable stats and inputs can be displayed in charts or timelines with varying information or in lists with detailed comparisons. Charts can be shown to your preference. Scrolling shows specific information with detailed pop ups upon selecting. Tracked options can be changed, added or removed as you discover more about your health.


03 - App Feature

Compare & Set Goals

Select multiple inputs to make comparisons and learn they effect each other and your health. Also set baselines and goals to help manage your day.


04 - App Feature

Personalized Inputs

Users  can manually input your information and select what you would like to include. The can add notes to keep track of irregular occurrences, add specific times of the day, and ask for notifications to remind them to put in their information.


A long-term condition is a physical, mental, or emotional state that cannot be cured but its symptoms and complications can usually be controlled with treatment. Examples are asthma, diabetes, anxiety, or depression. Long-term conditions can have an effect on family, jobs, education and finances. These conditions can range in severity, length, and impact but all can be managed independently outside of the hospital.

Long-Term Conditions


Monitoring a long-term condition can be stressful and complicated. The numbers and data can become overwhelming and messy over a long period of time. I wanted to convey a tone of ease and comfort to help navigate the visualizations of charts, graphs, and other data. Furthermore, the tone needed to be encouraging, approachable, and simple in order to be effective


It's More than Just Numbers


Research Insights

At the start of the project, I realized that there was a large number of conditions, vitals, symptoms, and medications so an open, customizable system was needed. The heavy amount of research was focused around what exactly these categories are and learning how to provide the right resources without bogging down the app for the user. 


To learn more about how young adults with long term health conditions manage their health and what their needs are, I conducted a series of card sorting exercises and interviews with doctors and young adults. Based off of these insights, I developed the app to be a complement to their health and help individuals to manage their wellness. To test the layout, I developed a prototype to watch users walk through different tasks in order to understand their thinking and refine the structure.