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Child's Play

Child's Play

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Client: Child's Play

Founded in 2003 by comic book authors Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, Child’s Play was created to provide fun and vital distraction, engagement, socialization, and positive play opportunities for hospitalized children in over one hundred hospitals and shelters. Child’s Play connects children, family, guardians, friends, caretakers and professionals to the positive influence of games and learning. We help children be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally through play.



Over 1.2 million children visit hospitals annually for short and long term stays in the the United States. Being faced with a situation that they don't fully understand or disrupts their life can create a lot of stress for the child that can impede recovery. However, children that are exposed to positive, playful, and nurturing environments will not only feel healthier but thrive.


The Brand

Our core brand identity focuses on the mission and values that Child’s Play has expanded on over the years through play, education, activity, and happiness. Our brand touches everyone - children, family, hospital caretakers, sponsors - to provide a positive environment to grow and thrive.


The Child’s Play logotype relies on a simple san serif to be easily recognizable and read by children. The “i” has been redefined to become more dynamic while also reflecting the energy of an active child. The corners are slightly rounded to be more approachable by children of all ages and soften out the uppercase nature of the logotype.

Color + Type

Our colors reflect the energy and vibrancy of Child’s Play. The use of primary colors goes matches the environments of children’s hospitals and the green calls back to the original branding color. Colors should be used equally and interchangeably.


The primary typeface of Child’s Play is Gotham. Gotham’s open and round nature is approachable and the strong structure empowers kids of all ages. Gotham is used for the logo, titles, subtitles, and small captions. For digital body text, Gotham Book will be used. It is a web friendly typeface that allows for easily readability. For print body text, Museo 300 is to be used. It mirrors the same open and round structure of Gotham while also being friendly.



We use a lot of iconography to help visualize the brand components. There are four main icons to represent each category: technology, exploration, education, and creation. The icons must remain the same thickness as each other and can go no lower than 2 point stroke thickness. The additional use of minor decorative icons can be used for larger brand pieces.



Child’s Play’s relies on print and digital assets in order to help spread awareness of the brand, provide resources to hospitals and shelters, receive monetary and itemized donations, and above all, invite children to engage with our brand.