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RIT Transit



RIT Transit

Transportation App for Campus



Concept Design

Art Director: Dennae Makel
Designers: Melissa Ruppel & Colin Turner

Client: RIT Parking & Transportation

Throughout campus, RIT provides a variety of transit services for their students to use freely. From buses, to bikes, to Zipcars, the Parking & Transportation office offers sustainable transportation with a growing number of options and resources. However, this increase means that the transit services not only needs an update, but a convenient and consolidated source to access these resources.

Time is extremely valuable to college students. We proposed to create a centralized and convenient, mobile-first platform for RIT students to access information and personalized, interactive features. Simplicity and accessibility are key in our design and interface to keep up with students looking for info on-the-go when planning their daily schedules.


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The information and resources available were scattered across many different websites and offline sources. Because of this, a lot of the students found that these sources tended to be either unreliable, annoying to use, or were unknown to them.

the problem


We want users to see this as a clean and simple design that appears seamless throughout all devices and resources used. We want to create a service that features new sources in one place that is tailored to the users needs. Additionally, elements such as easy navigation and easy to read content are a necessity for a busy student quickly viewing on a mobile screen. 

our solutions

Research began by visiting and utilizing each transit service to experience the transportation first hand. After talking to Randy Vercauteren, the Director of Parking & Tansportation, he reviewed in detail the common problems and complaints he hears from the RIT community. The biggest problem was inability to fully utilize the resources on mobile phones. 

research & process

The website would not only be standalone, but it would also be found on the RIT Mobile App that over 18,000 students currently utilize. Our goal was to make sure only the most necessary elements were included for quick scanning. Because of this, the main screen for each transit service would be personalized for the user. The user could build their fastest route around campus; find the next bus coming to their favorited spot;  or view how many bikes are currently available which is replaced by the return time after the bike is rented.

the website


Based off of our research, we encouraged Parking & Transportation to introduce new resources online to eliminate paperwork and be accessible to students who are not near the office. Now, students can register and rent bikes from their phone, easily find the next bus from a list of favorites, and more.

new features


Tiger Travel is a completely new service that we created for new students and visitors. Because every building is the same brick block, RIT campus is pretty difficult to navigate for newcomers and finding a bus stop or bike rental spot can be rather tricky. Tiger Travel is a navigation tool will read your location and help plan your route. It will supply you with the most efficient routes, highlight the path, and provide any other necessary transit information, such as bus time.

tiger travel