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Sailing Team

Sailing Team

Branding & Identity



Branding & Identity
Advertising Campaign

Designer: Dennae Makel
PR Head: Leah Jones
Manager: Mackenzie Woodhouse

Client: RIT Sailing Team

Established in 2005, the RIT Sailing Team provides a friendly, competitive atmosphere to encourage students to participate and enjoy sailboat racing. The sailing team is a close-knit group that focuses on fast-paced training for regattas while on the large, beautiful expanse of the lake. It is designed and managed with the intention of giving students of all skill levels the ability to participate in the sport of sailing through weekly classroom practices, workouts, and frequent on-the-water practices. 

Style + Imagery

The team’s brand will focus around continuous movement, energy, and excitement experienced while out racing on the water. Using high energy colors and bold graphics reflects those extraordinary thrills to leave an impression. 

Personal Interaction

Traditionally, the team has always relied on having an actual boat to the Club Fairs to attract students. Small groups are seated and instructed on the boat for  a hands-on try out of different sailing techniques. Potential recruits can talk with teammates about the Sailing Team's activities and will receive pins and pamphlets to take home.

Getting Started

Pamphlets can be given out anywhere: club fairs, information sessions, and all around campus. They give potential recruits a taste of what the team stands for and provide an easy way for them to join the team by simply filling out and tearing off the right page to turn in.

Test Run

The team  would do more than just talk about the races - they would take interested recruits to Sodus Bay to try it out. Allowing others to try it out and see what its like will give them a comfortable opening to join the team.

The Gear

Students love free swag, so not only would it draw them over, more students would see the pins on backpacks across campus, raising awareness for the team. Long sleeve shirts would mainly be given out to the team to wear after meets but is still casual so that it could be worn during the week.